Thursday, October 11, 2012

One Moment (2012)

One Moment

it was supposed to be a great summer, hanging out with 6 close friends that she grew up with, until the accident at the cliff. Maggie remembered climbing the trail with Joey, her perfect boyfriend of 2 years. despite her fear of heights, she decided that she was going to dive off the cliff with Joey, into the Jumping Hole filled with water while avoiding the ledge. but everything went wrong when they reached the cliff, with Joey ended up dead on the ledge and her cowering behind the trees on the cliff. her memories during those few vital moments were lost, together with Joey.

the story followed Maggie on her desperate journey of recalling what happened during the last moments before Joey's death. though One Moment (2012) wasn't exactly original, unpredictable, nor had much to expand its story on, the smooth flow brought out the best of the plot. some secrets once surfaced, gave the story a whole different direction to explore. it was grounded and realistic. Maggie being able to handle everything so perfectly was slightly unbelievable, but was definitely tolerable since it was an essential step to build a perfect end for the book.

author: Kristina McBride
published: 2012
genre: Romance/Thriller

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