Saturday, October 27, 2012

Survive (2012)


Jane was a suicide seeker. she came from a family of depressives and suicidals, her father killed himself by putting a bullet through his brain, his own parents, even grandparents died unnatural death. after spending years in Life House, an mental institution specifically for disturbed teens. she earned points by being nice and predictable, knowing she had to cheat her way out of the place to be successful at her next attempt to kill herself. finally, Jane was sent home for a week, to spend Christmas with her mother. inside the plane's bathroom, just before she could swallow a lethal dose of pills, the planes hit turbulence and crashed. Jane woke among piles of wreckage and bodies on top of a snowy mountain. she was stranded with a boy named Paul. with his help, Jane was inspired to fight for her life for the very first time in her life.

i absolutely loved Survive (2012)! it made my tummy flipped, gave me such adrenaline rush, and even had me cried my eyes out. it was so unbelievably engaging that i felt in pace with Jane and Paul on their struggle of survival. the rawness of their emotions and the pains created by family members they loved so dearly, in return had them exposed so completely naked in front of each other. and despite their unlikely characteristics, they bonded and created a relationship so beautiful yet fragile that made one cherished it even more. unfortunately, despite their hardships, the ending wasn't tied perfectly in a pink bow, yet it still felt so good to be a part of their story. Survive (2012) was very well written, straightforward, fast paced, and definitely enough drug in there to be addictive. the heartbreaking part of it only made the tale further more delicious to be devoured.

author: Alex Morel
published: 2012
genre: Romance/Thriller

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