Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Thing About the Truth (2012)

The Thing About the Truth

Kelsey got kicked out from Concordia Private School and was determined to get her future back on track while attending Concordia Public School. her old friends were acting all weird around her that eventually she stopped looking for them. Issac had been kicked out from more schools than he can remember. but since his father was the state senator, he got welcomed at everywhere he went. the first time Kelsey and Isaac met, she saw him as some spoil brat, he saw her as some stuck-up snob. it surprised them when they started to fall for each other. they were finally happy for the first time in months, but things immediately got out of hands when they discovered the secrets and lies that they told each other

Kelsey and Isaac were like the perfect duo, completely unrealistic and unattractive. The Thing About the Truth (2012) felt forced, writing in perspectives, switching between Kelsey's and Isaac's; while at the same time, jumping in between the past and the future. while it seemed to try very hard bringing out something, maybe stunning or unsuspected, nothing happened. despite being mysterious by starting the story in the future setting, it all came down to one sex that Kelsey denied having when she and Isaac were making out; and Isaac who slept with countless girls from countless schools had to act all gentleman at that very second, saying how much he respected her if she wasn't ready, etc. what could be more cheesy and predictable than that? other than the unattractive storylines, Kelsey and Issac were terrible characters, just some overly good-looking snobs that messed things up for themselves. oh, surprise, surprise.

author: Lauren Barnholdt
published: 2012
genre: Romance

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