Friday, October 19, 2012

The Unquiet (2012)

The Unquiet

Rinn was a bipolar, with mood swings that threatened the safety of those around her. after the death of her grandmother who was left burning to her death while Rinn watched dumbfounded outside, her mom Monica moved them to a rural town where Monica grew up in. while Rinn settled into her new home, she found out that the previous owner had hung herself to death in the attic, now Rinn's bedroom, and her granddaughter Annaliese drown in the school pool, where they claimed she continued to haunt. while one incident after another happened to her new friends, Rinn was even surprised to find Monica being connected to Annaliese in more ways that she could imagine.

Rinn was a character that brought life to The Unquiet (2012) in every ways. with medication, she was like any normal teenager, but without the medication, there were some oddness about her that set off an eerie vibe. she was believable due to her bipolar sickness. despite the mass amount of characters introduced, they stood out among one another, each with their personal signature that set them apart from one another. it took quite a while for each character to mess up their life one way or another, but in the end, the waiting was made worthwhile, so were the deaths, which increased the level of spookiness whenever Rinn entered the school pool area. the connection between Annaliese and the adults of their rural town was a satisfying twist, if not an unexpected one.

author: Jeannine Garsee
published: 2012
genre: Romance/Supernatural

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