Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sweet Madness (2012)

Sweet Madness

Angeles was an orphanage, for the past few years she lived on her own. after leaving the orphanage, her sister Raven went to live at another part of the town. one night she came pouncing on her door, mumbling about someone chasing after her. days later, she was visited by a demon called Madness. he toyed with her mind, fooling her and confusing her with his tricks, making her his thing. desperate to be free of fear, Angeles had to seek for help without killing anyone along the way.

Sweet Madness (2012) was very engaging for the very few chapters. the conversation between Angeles and Madness was somewhat predictable, sometimes reducing the tension thus less absorbing at times. at some point, Madness was just empty threats, not being as scary as he was portrayed to be. but since the novel was written by an amateur author, it was as good as it gets. i enjoyed Sweet Madness (2012) in overall. the experience however, could be better with a happy ending. after chasing the story from head to toe, having Angeles fell under Madness' control just completely ruined the satisfaction.

author: Cold Lady
published: 2012
genre: Supernatural

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