Friday, January 11, 2013

Love Story (2011)

Love Story

Erin grew up in her family's racehorse farm. her grandmother wanted her to take over the farm by majoring in business in college. her refusal caused her to be cut off from all money support while she major in creative writing. it was her dream to become a writer. but one day, their stable boy, Hunter appeared, joining her in some of her classes, including the creative writing class. Hunter was promised money support and the inheritance of the farm that Erin had refused to take over. Erin should despise Hunter but soon she found him sneaking into her heart, her head, and even her writings.

Erin and Hunter was quite a frustrating couple to watch, especially with the grandmother in the background. half of the time, i shared the same suspicions as Erin, especially towards Hunter's intention. since the story was written in Erin's perspective, there wasn't much clarification on Hunter's side of the story emotionally. despite the slight unsatisfactory, Love Story (2011) was a good read, also engaging and entertaining.

author: Jennifer Echols
published: 2011
genre: Romance

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