Monday, April 08, 2013

Amnesia (2013)


one day, a girl regained consciousness in an unfamiliar place. she had lost all her memories of everything that happened before she passed out. she was left with a cell phone with numbers and names that she didn't recognize. Orion was the only boy that she appeared to be able to see. with his guidance, she tried gaining back her memories.

after a complete mess, it was finally revealed that everything all linked back to the joker looking boy. whenever the girl met with an accident, she could returned back to the same date she lost her memory and started seeing a different guy. unfortunately due to her amnesia, the girl had no back story to aid character development. but despite the looping plots, things started to clear up only after the first 4 episodes. from there onward, the series picked up its pace, adding more delicious details and meanings into it. it took some thinking to fully understand its plot.

some background on the anime:
- episodes: 12
- director: Yoshimitsu Ohashi (大橋善光)
- released: 2013
- language: Japanese
- genre: Drama/Romance


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  1.'s like a game? Whereby you can restart when you have screwed up?