Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Empty Coffin #1: Envy (2011)


the story took place in a perfect town of Port Gamble. years ago, a school bus accident killed everyone on board, leaving the telepathic twins Hayley and Taylor alive. they hid their secret senses, careful not to let anyone find out. but when their friend, Katelyn died, they had to investigate. while everyone else believed Katelyn committed suicide, the twins set out to uncover the truth behind this murder.

the story was written based on a true crime of cyber bullying. it was an easy read during the first half of the book, but it had gotten extremely long-winded the closer the truth was revealed. at some point, instead of focusing on the case, it repetitively focused on Taylor's jealously towards Hayley's boyfriend. the progress towards where the case was finally solved had a huge loophole along the way. when it finally ended, i had completely no idea how they helped to solve the mystery.

author: Gregg Olsen
published: 2011
genre: Mystery/Paranormal

Empty Coffin series:
- Envy (2011)
- Betrayal (2012)

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  1. So the whole story revolves around bullying that takes place in cyberspace?