Friday, April 19, 2013

Empty Coffin #2: Betrayal (2012)


the story picked up from after Katelyn's death in Envy (2011), where the new transfer student from England was found dead in her new best friend's bedroom during a Halloween party. the moment Drew and Brianna, the hostess of the party, were labeled prime suspects, they disappeared. soon after, Brianna was found dead as well, buried in the woods. caught in the heat, telepathic twins Hayley and Taylor decided to trust their guts instinct and try to solve the case themselves again.

the twins' parents, mother especially, was like all mother, frustratingly annoying for thinking that the best way to protect her daughters was to keep the biggest secret from them once and for all. for 2 books this secret laid hidden, despite how many times the twins confronted their mother, she refused to reveal it again and again that made her so seriously irritating! as for the plot, at some point, i stop caring who went where or who got killed, just as long as i finish reading it. it was definitely not the best ride ever.

author: Gregg Olsen
published: 2012
genre: Mystery/Paranormal

Empty Coffin series:
- Envy (2011)
- Betrayal (2012)

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