Friday, April 05, 2013

Gong 2 (2012)

Gong Suo Zhu Lian

the story followed Lian Er, a girl born in the Qing Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Yong Zheng. she got to know Prince Guo before she was trained and sent into the palace with the intention of marrying Prince Guo. however, the situation forced Prince Guo to choose another girl as his wife. Lian Er later unintentionally became the Emperor's friend and married to him instead. the Emperor and Lian Er fell deeply in love as others tried to get in between their relationship.

the series was extremely fast paced with plenty of storyline to keep it intense and entertaining. Lian Er, like most main character, was a kindhearted and soft spoken girl. while she was being taken advantage of, she became more and more lovable and protected by those who loved her. the Emperor was a wise man despite often influenced by the rest of his concubines.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episode: 37
- director: Li Hui Zhu (李慧珠), Deng Wei En (邓伟恩)
- released: 2012
- casts: Mickey He (何晟铭), Du Chun (杜淳), Yuan Shan Shan (袁姗姗), Zhang Jia Ni (张嘉倪), Shu Chang (舒畅), Wang Yang (王阳), Bao Bei Er (包贝尔)
- language: English
- genre: Drama/Romance

- 宫锁心玉 (2011)
- 宫锁珠帘 (2012)
- 我为宫狂 (2013)
- 宫锁沉香 (2013)
- 宫锁连城 (2014)

Gong Suo Zhu Lian
Gong Suo Zhu Lian
Gong Suo Zhu Lian
Gong Suo Zhu Lian
Gong Suo Zhu Lian

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  1. Aww...this is the kind of drama that I love to watch. :D