Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rae Wilder #1: Glamour / Demon Girl (2010)


Rae lived in a world where humanity was near extinction, thus the town was separated by a wall, where humans lived within town and the supernaturals ruled the jungle. despite the strict rule, Rae often wandered into the jungle for a morning run. one day, she was approached by a fairy, claiming that she too was a fairy like him. while she thought maybe it was a mistake crossing the wall, she met with a vampire on her way back, claiming that he meant her no harm and just needed a talk.

the book started out interesting, following Rae through her life of studying how to kill demons. she was a fast runner, better at everything than everyone, until that very morning that she found out that she was never a human to begin with. she turned out to be some royal descendant of fairies. suddenly the fairy-boys all wanted her to be their mate, even the vampire wanted her. despite the overflowing storyline of having everything happened in one day, the frustrating part turned out to be Rae herself. while she was with Breandan, the fairy-boy, she fell uncontrollably in love with him. when one thought they were meant together, she was making out with Tomas, the vampire-boy. at that point onward, i just wanted the book to be over quick.

author: Penelope Fletcher
published: 2010
genre: Paranormal/Romance

the Rae Wilder series:
- Glamour/Demon Girl (2010)
- Compel/Demon Day (2011)
- Enchant/Demon Dark (2011)
- Summon (2013)

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