Sunday, April 28, 2013

Senran Kagura (2013)

Senran Kagura

in the old days, ninja were often used for secret missions or assassinations. the story took place in a recent time, where girls were secretly trained to become ninja. on the outside, they were normal high school girls; but they each had a secret technique scroll that they had to protect at all times. at the same time, trained to become a better ninja.

the series contained a large amount of fanservice, with a decent plot to support it. the story followed the lives of these 5 girls training to become a ninja. in the meanwhile, evil ninja came after them, trying to take away the scroll. as the good ninja, the 5 girls had to protect it from them despite being amateurs. the characters each had their own part to play with non outshining each other.

some background on the anime:
- episodes: 12
- director: Takashi Watanabe (渡部高志)
- released: 2013
- language: Japanese
- genre: Action

- Senran Kagura (2013)
- Senran Kagura Special(2013)

Senran Kagura
Senran Kagura
Senran Kagura
Senran Kagura
Senran Kagura

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