Saturday, May 11, 2013

Garden of Stones (2013)

Garden of Stones

the story took place during the dark days of war, starting from a few days before and years after, leading behind its horrifying effects. Lucy was a normal 14-year-old, a Japanese-American that lived with her mother Miyako. they were among the other Japanese-Americans that were grouped to be moved out of their home, to the Manzanar camp while the war took place. together Miyako and Lucy endured the harsh living conditions that evolved around corruption and abuse. eventually it ruined Miyako, forcing her to make a difficult decision with the aim of freeing Lucy from these monsters.

i started reading the book not knowing that it was war-based, a genre that i never truly enjoyed. as the story evolved and the war signs came out, it was too late for me as i was too hooked to throw the book aside. the story was told in multiple perspectives, including Lucy's point of view from her younger days and her daughter, Patty's perspective in the future, before her marriage. while the dark years of war tainted those who survived, Lucy struggled with the circumstances with only the intention of surviving it.

author: Sophie Littlefield
published: 2013
genre: Mystery/War

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