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The Girl in the Mirror (2005)

The Girl in the Mirror

Mandy returned to the house she spent many wonderful summers as a child right after she heard that her grandpa was dying. she remembered going to the John and Evelyn's house and played with their daughter Sarah while she was young. however, the 2 families had been cutoff ever since she was eleven. something had happened back then, something that she couldn't remember. as the ghastly girl in ponytail started appearing, Mandy was determined to face the horrific past.

the story seemed promising and enjoyable the moment i started. however it quickly turned into annoyance as the pages processed. Mandy, who started out a lovely character, became less likeable gradually. despite being hid from the truth by her family, she didn't have a mirror to see that it was exactly the same thing that she was doing to Adam, her lover. she even went as far as confronting the assaulter without the knowledge of anyone, including Adam! despite her desperate plea for Adam to be patient with her, she was just another foolish girl that failed to see the big picture, even the danger of it. as for the plot, it was obvious where the story was heading, with the dying grandfather as a distraction. it was an extremely difficult read where i had to force myself through the pages, skipping lines even pages, just so i can move on to a new book.

author: Cathy Glass
published: 2005
genre: Autobiography

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