Friday, June 14, 2013

The Stud Book (2013)

The Stud Book

the story followed the lives of a group of friends. it started with Sarah, a zoologist that studied animal mating behaviors at the zoo. despite her desperation for a child, she had had 4 miscarriages with her husband Ben. then there was Georgie, who was busy with her newborn Bella while her husband Humble found escape in pubs. Dulcet made a living by giving sex-education to high schools that requested it. Nyla was a pregnant widow who her teenage daughter Arena was caught selling drugs in school. between these friends, they shared an intimacy and closeness like a family.

despite being in a comedy genre, the book was anything but funny. these were some very depressing adults struggling through life. the book was an easy read, some characters were lovable at the start but slowly became annoying with their obsessions. desperation made Sarah an ungrateful woman, while her husband jerking-off in the toilet thinking about his ex-girlfriend Hannah, who was now a state senator. the rest of the friends were as messy as Sarah, only in a different way. despite being an easy read, it wasn't a pleasant one, having too much darkness yet no solution or ending to the book.

author: Monica Drake
published: 2013
genre: Comedy/Romance

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