Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blemished #1: The Blemished (2012)

The Blemished

Mina is a Blemished, people with genes labeled as worthless, pushed towards the Operation that took away their rights to have a normal life bearing children. given little educations, the Blemished were trained to serve the GEMs, people that were bred to be perfect, given to wealthy, beautiful families. but Mina was different than the common Blemished, she had a hidden ability of telekinesis, a secret hidden to save her life. in her new school, she met with Angela and Daniel. their friendship soon became complicated as Daniel reviewed his hidden ability of seeing the future. Mina found herself drawn to his powers and impulsive nature. but at the same time, a GEM named Sebastian approached her.

i received free e-books for the series from the author in exchanged for a review. the moment i started reading, i found myself completely hooked on Mina's life turned adventure. every moment was filled with so much unknown that it was so addictive to not wonder what will happen next. the uniqueness of the plot line made everything mysterious. even romance in this sense, being forbidden and all was so alluring. the relationship between Mina, Angela, Daniel and Sebastian were seemingly complicated if not cheesy at first, but as i grew to love the characters, i found it hard to dislike any one of them, tasting Mina's struggle to choose between the boys. the book was equally delicious action wise. with plenty of everything i found myself surprised reaching the end of the book with no difficulty whatsoever. immediately i had to advance towards the second installment.

author: Sarah Dalton
published: 2012
genre: Dystopia/Romance

Blemished series:
- The Blemished (2012)
- The Vanished (2013)
- The Unleashed (2013) (2013)
- The Fractured: Elena (2013)
- The Fractured: Maggie (2013)

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