Friday, September 13, 2013

School Spirits #1: School Spirits (2013)

School Spirits

Izzy and her mother was the last of the Brannicks. for centuries, her family were trained to hunt magical creatures. one night, her sister, Finn disappeared on a mission and her mother decided to move them. in the new town, Izzy was sent to a high school to end a haunting. but soon they discovered that a series of haunting had plagued the high school, where Izzy was able to see the ghost of Mary, who died centuries ago. being home-schooled since young, Izzy had to disguise herself an average teenager among her new friends Dex, Romy, and Alexander.

the book had its good and bad times. more than half of the book was spent on and on about Izzy's self-pitying or her banters with Torin, the warlock trapped in the mirror or with Dex, the mysterious boy that seemed to wield magical powers. not forgetting friends making and romances, which were frustrating as i was eager to know more about the ghost and its haunting. even when there were finally actions, it would soon be replaced with romance or something equally insignificant. despite its flaws, since it was only the first book into the series, i look forward to a more engaging sequel.

author: Rachel Hawkins
published: 2013
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

School Spirits series:
- School Spirits (2013)

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