Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Touch of Death #2: Stalked by Death (2013)

Stalked by Death

after the trade with Hades to release every undead that Victoria had summoned, Jodi had to start an Ophi school, for every necromancers born under the 13th sign of the zodiac. with Hades watching her closely, she couldn't afford any slip ups for him to own every Ophi. having trouble to convince other Ophi to join her school, Jodi had to fight to contain her power, especially since the appearance of Chase, a hot guy who joined her school and tried to jeopardize her relationship with Alex. every time Chase touched her, she felt her power being boosted. but at the same time, also caused her power to surge out of control, raising the dead unconsciously.

second book into the series, the progress wasn't predictable but having 2 guys fighting over a girl could really ruin the goth part of it. as mesmerizing as being a necromancer and descendent of Medusa be, Jodi remained a less likable main character. the cocky boyfriend that seemed like a bad guy in the first book turned out to be a victim in the second book, while another cockier guy became the new challenge, where both were equally distasteful characters. to make matter worse, Jodi wanted both of the guys, unwilling to decide which one she wanted more. as tiring as it was to go through the repetitive fights between Alex and Chase, with Jodi fuming and calling bunch of undead from the cemetery, the intensity of how Jodi's power went crazy was engaging enough to pull me through the book.

author: Kelly Hashway
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Touch of Death series:
- Touch of Death (2013)
- Stalked by Death (2013)
- Face of Death (2014)

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