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Crazy for Palace (2013)

Crazy for Palace

the short drama was an extension for the running sequels. like all the other sequels in the series, it brought together the past and the present. xx was a young man in the present time, while Liuli was a girl in the past. one day, xx worked in the museum that was originally a palace in the past. he was assigned to label all the ancient items but accidentally cut himself on a vase. his blood brought Liuli from the past, where she crossed over to the present in seeking her identity.

for all the previous sequels, i enjoyed the past more than the present. unfortunately, this short drama gave little details on the past while focusing all the dramas in the present. Liuli lost her memories when she was brought from the past into the present. xx was the only person that could see her, therefore she followed him everywhere, asking him for help. eventually he gave in and during the search, they realized that their past was entwined. the short drama had me felt eager to watch its real drama again. the characters were so familiar that it was impossible not to miss them after all these while.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 9
- director: 刘宁
- released: 2013
- casts: 张哲翰,孙耀琦,麦迪娜,袁姗姗,杨蓉,陶帅
- language: English
- genre: Drama/Romance

- 宫锁心玉 (2011)
- 宫锁珠帘 (2012)
- 我为宫狂 (2013)
- 宫锁沉香 (2013)
- 宫锁连城 (2014)

Crazy for Palace
Crazy for Palace
Crazy for Palace
Crazy for Palace
Crazy for Palace

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