Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Secret Watchers #2: Whispers (2013)


Owen's ability had grown after the discovery and being guided by White Eagle. with the villains aiming to kill and draining powers of the watchers, Owen and his group had to find the culprit while searching for any watchers in hope of saving them from being kill. Owen was still frustrated with Lucie for avoiding him. but soon he found that she had started hearing things, an ability that grow and frightened her, making her felt like she was going insane.

i received free e-books for the series from the author in exchanged for a review. in this second installment, Owen became an even more godly figure. he was the best watcher among the group, the strongest mentally and physically, even when he wasn't the largest in size. he lost my vote the moment he was also the most humble among the group. he became difficult to relate to and lost his spot in being my favorite character in the book. while Lucie almost had that spot, i was disappointed that she couldn't be honest with her feelings and further frustrated when Owen didn't put further effort into their relationship. the book in general however, still had a fast moving plot. having less climaxes made the storyline comfortable and much easier to follow.

author: Lauren Klever
published: 2013
genre: Adventure/Fantasy

The Secret Watchers series:
- Visions (2012)
- Whispers (2013)
- Insights (2013)

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