Monday, March 31, 2014

Talented #1: Talented (2012)


Talia was a Talented, one of the lucky few to have a special gene, giving her an ability of reading and influencing the mind of others. her parents were murdered right before her eyes when she was just a child. she was brought to the McDonough School for the Talented, trained to be a hunter, also to avenge her parents' death. she built a special bond with Donovan, the son of her guardian since she was brought into the McDonough household. however, things got complicated when she was assigned to be in the same team with Henri and Erik.

i received a free e-book in exchanged for a review. the book was rather long-winded and somewhat political at some point. but fortunately the actions were rewarding enough for the wait. i found myself having conflicted feelings towards Talia. sometimes she was tough, but sometimes she was so undecided that it made her frustrating to watch, both in romance and revenge. while it was understandable that the feelings she had for Donovan wasn't exactly romantic; her desperation towards Erik kind of lowered her values. where else in revenge, as much as she repeatedly convinced us that she wanted to kill her parents' murderer; she had difficulties killing anyone at all. tried as i might, i couldn't root for her completely. it was solely curiosity that brought me through the book, only to be left with a cliffhanger. i wouldn't mind reading the second installment at all, just to know how things would turn out.

author: Sophie Davis
published: 2012
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Talented series:
- Talented (2012)
- Caged (2012)
- Hunted (2012)
- Captivated (2013)
- Created (2013)

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