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The Queen of SOP (2012)

The Queen of SOP

Xiaojie worked in an international supermarket as an unimportant staff. one day, she was assigned a different department and had to handle projects to make the supermarket display more attractive. her hard work paid off when her boss Ziqi helped her out accidentally. one thing led to another, Ziqi became Xiaojie's boyfriend. before she knew it, he proposed under the watchful eyes of the media. in the meanwhile, Jiqing, Ziqi's model girlfriend became jealous, and Tom, Xiaojie's online friend started showing interest in making her life a less miserable one.

the series traversed through different phases, some of it interesting even funny to look at, others boring if not typical. it was quite impressive that the four main actors managed to pull off their awkward relationship rather smoothly. the indecision side of these characters tended to appear more than enough to annoy us to a certain level at a certain time. like most dramas, the characters found it impossible to be honest with each other, especially those they were currently in a relationship with. fortunately the story was expanded to many possible angle, making it somewhat unexpected and interesting to watch how everything would turn out.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 30
- director: 张博昱
- released: 2012
- casts: 陈乔恩, 张翰, 高以翔, 张檬, 蒋怡, 夏于乔, 杜若溪, 白雪, 蔡尚甫, 聂雅亮, 薛之谦, 周子茵, 郑凡, 唐艺昕, 明道, 邓九云, 安东尼
- language: Mandarin
- genre: Romance

- The Queen of SOP (2012)
- The Queen of SOP 2 (2013)

The Queen of SOP
The Queen of SOP
The Queen of SOP
The Queen of SOP
The Queen of SOP

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