Monday, April 28, 2014

New Bloods #1: Awaken (2014)


after The Shift, the world was left in despair and people struggled to survive the harsh sand lands. Tara lived in Rivercross, where ten shacks were built with whatever material scavenged from the ground. the 25 or so people that lived here became family, looking out for each other. Tara had been picked up by Gra'da since she was a baby and he took care of her ever since. she woke up on her 18th born day, looking forward to the evening celebration that Rivercross threw for her. little did she expect to find men in black metal monsters moving across their land, destroying Rivercross, killing the old folks and taking the young ones with them. she was spared when Gra'da hid her after she lose consciousness.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. the accent used in the writing was something different compared to what i was familiar with. fortunately it wasn't too much for me to not being able to enjoy the book to its fullest. the trio formed by Tara, Finn and Cat was an unexpectedly comfortable combination. their journey was so engaging that i found myself smiling or frowning along easily. i was most relieved to finally be free from reading about cheesy romance that seemed to always be circling the two main characters in most books. the plot was so fast paced that i found myself completely hooked and desperately tried to slow down my reading, afraid of missing even one word would resulted to not knowing part of the story. as surprised and unexpected as i was with the book, i was thoroughly thrilled with every turn of event, and satisfied with the goosebumps it gave me. i was simply overwhelmed with every idea and can't help looking forward to the second installment.

author: Michelle Bryan
published: 2014
genre: Adventure/Dystopian

New Bloods Trilogy series:
- Awaken (2014)

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