Monday, April 14, 2014

The Dark Rituals #2: Possession (2013)


Colina had released the evil when she tried to save her father and brother's soul. her boyfriend, Luke tried to save her and died in his attempt. Colina now awaken in an asylum, found herself previously possessed and now trying to regain her memories. the moment she laid eyes on Dean, a comatose patient, he became the perfect vessel to put Luke's spirit in. however, Luke could only surfaced during the witching hour. they had to escape the asylum at all cost, before they were killed by an evil spirit that possessed someone in the asylum, doing rituals and absorbing his victims' powers. things gotten further complicated when Dean returned, taking over the body during the day time and claimed to have feelings for Colina as well.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. i was so overwhelmed when i got goosebumps every now and then, being absorbed into Colina's situation. it was such a difficult emotion to obtain through reading, yet i was bathed in it for more than once, thrilled and thoroughly satisfied with the experience. the plot has gotten more and more intense since the previous book, where we could still took a breather occasionally; where else for this installment, i didn't realize the book could actually get more difficult to put down. Colina had became a target due to her unique abilities of being a combined healer and death dealer. now that the creatures older and more powerful than god had laid their eyes on her, they marked her with a bear totem, a protection and gift for those they choose. not forgetting the last but still extremely delicious bits of seeing a Berserker at work. now that i had more taste with The Dark Rituals (2013) series, i wanted more doses of it, which unfortunately have to wait until the next book is release.

author: Catrina Burgess
published: 2013
genre: Fantasy/Horror

The Dark Rituals series:
- Awakening (2013)
- Possession (2013)

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