Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Wishful #1: Wishful Deviltry (2014)

Wishful Deviltry

Karis was one of the humans who inherited an ancient genetic code from their biological parents on her sixteenth birthday. however, not all humans inherited one of these four powers - sight, force, strength, and maker skills. eager to get rid of her boring life, Karis looked forward to her birthday, waiting for the change that will transform her life. still days from turning sixteen, Karis found her house ambushed by two animal looking humans. Kaleb, her best friend saved her and they were sent off to a special school attended by students with powers, where they would be safer than living among the humans. soon Karis found out that her father had been working on a project to enhance their powers and there were people who wanted to get their hands on it.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. the book started off being a very smooth read. well, until Kaleb started to annoy me with his handsome, ladies' man front. although things got better following Titanium's appearance, it went downhill immediately when Karis fell for both guys like some typical teenage girl. since then, she had gone off my favorite character list. despite that little flaw, i found myself captivated throughout the book. from the escape, to the learning, it was actually fun to see how the duo grew. it was a pity that the truly delicious part that involved Karis finally using some powers was only available for the last 20 percent of the book. but hopefully that signifies a promising second installment!

author: LeeAnn Kelly
published: 2014
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

The Wishful Series:
- Wishful Deviltry (2014)

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