Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Angel's Edge #1: Gifts of the Blood (2010)

Gifts of the Blood

Caspia had the ability to draw the future. having only each other to depend on, Caspia feared for her brother Logan, who fought against his cancer, getting weaker and weaker by day. Caspia was an art student that did part time at the cafe. one day, she drew an angry stranger, whom she ran into later that day. she freaked out with Ethan's odd aura, who also knew things about her that he shouldn't have known otherwise. soon she found herself caught up in the fights among the Fallen, being kidnapped, and finally learned that the town she lived in had been a refuge for supernatural beings, both Light and Dark, since a long time ago.

i received a free e-book in exchanged for a review. the book was different. instead of explaining its way into Caspia's life, the plot sort of leap head first into everything. despite the initial confusion and seemingly ordinary happenings, it was a refreshing and welcoming change. Ethan, Caspia, even Logan were such strong characters that felt so tough yet so fragile at the the time. it was mesmerizing watching them defending each other, fighting off other Fallens, and still have time for romances. the book lost me somewhere during the second half of the book, but fortunately not too much that caused me to veer from still being interested. the unexpected twist at the end of the book was the most satisfying experience ever. no matter how long-winded the story went, that very cliffhanger had me wanting more from its second installment.

author: Vicki Keire
published: 2010
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Angel's Edge series:
- Gifts of the Blood (2010)
- Darkness in the Blood (2011)
- Blood Redemption (2011)

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