Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bleak Devotion (2014)

Bleak Devotion

it had been too long since the monsters appeared. they looked like human but were void of any expression. they were determined to destroy all humans. to survive, Jessica forced herself to hide her feelings, appearing as emotionless as the monsters, just so she could scavenged for food among them. after her last remaining friend was killed, Jessica fled the city in hope of finding a place where she would be free of the monsters. she met Deborah, who led a group of humans into surviving the harsh situations by growing food themselves and generating electricity through windmills. just when Jessica thought herself free from the monsters, she discovered that the Deborah and the surviving humans were hiding a monster among them.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. when i first started reading, the book led me into feeling like i was reading a dystopian novel. especially when the zombies-like alien figure started appearing. as confusing as how it started, the story then took a huge turn after Jessica reached the hideout and i started to get what everything was about. at this point, i was pleasantly surprised with how straightforward and captivating the book had become. not being a huge science-fiction fan, i didn't expect myself to fall in love with Blade, but it happened long before i had a chance with Jessica. while it was easy to sympathize her misfortune, being with Blade truly made her a far more lovable character. i just couldn't get enough of them being together, also not forgetting the tears and goosebumps i happily enjoyed just by reading about them. i was glad to find a somewhat different dystopian plot that didn't end up being too much or too heavy along the way, restricting the boundary turned out to be perfect choice to explore the storyline, making it a welcoming and pleasant change.

author: Gemma Drazin
published: 2014
genre: Dystopian

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