Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Under the Never Sky #3: Into the Still Blue (2014)

Into the Still Blue

with the worsened Aether storm, the Tides was forced to move into a cave. like Hess, leader of the Dwellers and Sable, leader of the Horns, the Tides were eager to find the Still Blue, a safe haven away from the destructive Aether storm. at some point, Hess and Sable decided to work together, trying to convince some of the Tides to come along as well. after rescuing a group of Dwellers that Hess left behind, Aria and Perry were determined to find a way to bring everyone, Tides and Dwellers, into the Still Blue. with time running out, they had to rescue Cinder, who was kidnapped for his special ability, while coming out with a solution to cross over to the Still Blue.

last book into the series, i was pleased to find myself having fun through the book. despite some parts that failed to have me absorbed completely, especially the initial fight against Hess and Sable, i was happy with how things turned out in the end. it was mesmerizing how everything eventually became perfect. i was thrilled to have laughed and cried along with the characters, welcoming the goosebumps more than once. it was a pity to have lost Cinder or not having more doses of Roar, but in overall, the series truly overwhelmed me. i was almost sad to have finished the books so fast. recalling its scenes, i believe the most alluring point of the series was having no idea how the story would progress. curiosity easily held my attention through the pages and before i knew it, it was already the last page. getting so used to its flow, i was still expecting another twist of events or simply, another page!

author: Veronica Rossi
published: 2014
genre: Dystopia

Under the Never Sky series:
- Roar and Liv (2012)
- Under the Never Sky (2012)
- Through the Ever Night (2013)
- Brooke (2013)
- Into the Still Blue (2014)

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