Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Under the Never Sky #2.5: Brooke (2013)


another side story of the series followed Brooke during the move, where the Tide abandoned their exposed land for a cave, following their Blood Lord, Perry's order. with the Aether storm striking their village more and more often, Perry didn't want to risk anymore of his people's life. while the cave used to only be a place where he hid out with Roar, Liv and Brooke, for some fun away from their tribe, it seemed like the safest choice since the Aether couldn't ignite the cave like it did houses. Brooke watched in jealousy as Perry showered Aria with his love, while she was still trying to get over their breakup.

i was never a huge fan of Brooke. in the main series she was filled with bitterness and jealousy like what was expected of her character. although in that situation it was understandable and definitely tolerable, it didn't help making her a more likable character. fortunately, it remained interesting watching her interactions with the three brothers as she tried to decide what she expect of them. it was somewhat unsatisfying that she didn't make a choice, making the read felt unrewarding, but still acceptable that she at least came to a conclusion that she could get over Perry. on the other hand, i got a chance to get to know the three brothers for a change, characters that seemed to pile together in the main series now had a uniqueness about them to finally feel different from one another.

author: Veronica Rossi
published: 2013
genre: Dystopia

Under the Never Sky series:
- Roar and Liv (2012)
- Under the Never Sky (2012)
- Through the Ever Night (2013)
- Brooke (2013)
- Into the Still Blue (2014)

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