Sunday, May 25, 2014

Under the Never Sky #1: Under the Never Sky (2012)

Under the Never Sky

Aria lived in a protected dome. her world confined yet perfect, she never once thought of what was behind the doors. one day, her mother went missing after being sent to another dome. as slim as her chance of finding Lumina, she knew she had to risk it even though she knew nothing about surviving in the wasteland. then she met Perry, an Outsider. he was wild and bad tempered, angry with her that his nephew was caught by her people, the Dwellers. agreed to be allied until both their targets were found, the duo set out on a journey into the wasteland, surviving by all means.

when i first started reading, Aria's life in the dome was way too science-fiction to my liking. but the moment she set foot in the wasteland, i couldn't stop myself from turning page after page. i was glad that i forced myself through the difficult part and reached an overwhelming adventure that i would hate to have missed out otherwise. i had fallen for Aria and Perry, even Roar after halfway through the book. to make things even more interesting than some random adventure through the wasteland, their different abilities were an added entertainment. it was fascinating that their abilities made them so different, from characteristics to physical appearances. romance wise, i was pleased that the book kept it light, making it just perfect. i had so much fun reading the book that the moment i reached the end, i was somewhat lost, needing more doses of where the story would continue from where it left off, which made moving onto the second installment a definite for me.

author: Veronica Rossi
published: 2012
genre: Dystopia

Under the Never Sky series:
- Roar and Liv (2012)
- Under the Never Sky (2012)
- Through the Ever Night (2013)
- Brooke (2013)
- Into the Still Blue (2014)

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