Saturday, May 24, 2014

Under the Never Sky #0.5: Roar and Liv (2012)

Roar and Liv

Roar had been travelling from places to places with her mother before they settled with the Tides. he became best friends with Perry and Liv, growing up with them and falling in love with Liv eventually. but when Vale, Perry and Liv's older brother became the Blood Lord of the Tides, he negotiated a trade with Sable, the powerful Blood Lord of Horns. to get enough food to last the Tides through winter, Vale had to give up Liv to Sable. the news shattered Roar and Liv's world. while she didn't want her people to suffer through the winter, Liv only loved Roar, marrying Sable would only destroy her.

being a side story to the series, the book was a short read. nothing much was revealed that i don't already know from the first book: Under the Never Sky (2012). however, i did get an up closer and personal exposure of Roar and Liv's emotional side of the story. their romance that tightened their bond furthermore. the story felt like an addition to the series, which would probably meant very little to those who haven't read Under the Never Sky (2012) and not know these characters beforehand.

author: Veronica Rossi
published: 2012
genre: Dystopia

Under the Never Sky series:
- Roar and Liv (2012)
- Under the Never Sky (2012)
- Through the Ever Night (2013)
- Brooke (2013)
- Into the Still Blue (2014)

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