Monday, May 26, 2014

Under the Never Sky #2: Through the Ever Night (2013)

Through the Ever Night

months after learning about her mother's death, Aria trained herself to be a better fighter and Aud. Perry returned to the Tides to become their new Blood Lord after confronting his brother, their previous Blood Lord, who traded his people for food. before the duo was able to reunited after being separated for months, they came across more obstacles. when Aria made herself known to the Tides tribe, they despised her solely for being a Dweller. it also caused Perry to be targeted by his own people especially for being a new leader, also for bringing a Dweller among them. she decided to leave for the Horns with Roar, in search of the Still Blue, so she could trade the information for Talon, Perry's nephew that the Dwellers held captive. to make matter worse, they met Liv at Horns, who was Perry's sister and Roar's lover.

finishing the first book: Under the Never Sky (2012), i couldn't stop myself from reading the second installment immediately after. i was so absorbed that i found it surprising that i managed to finish it in two sittings. while i was frustrated of not seeing Aria together with Perry more often, i was pleased with where the story was heading. Perry's doubt made him less lovable compared to the previous installment, no matter how understandable it was, but their separation definitely made the twists tastier and very much satisfying after the wait. having read about Roar and Liv's romance in Roar and Liv (2012), i enjoyed their small reunion as well. there were so little time to get to know everyone among the increased characters, which was fortunate that the depth was already achieved in the previous installment. i was pleased to find the next installment ready in my stash, just so i can dive in immediately after this review is posted.

author: Veronica Rossi
published: 2013
genre: Dystopia

Under the Never Sky series:
- Roar and Liv (2012)
- Under the Never Sky (2012)
- Through the Ever Night (2013)
- Brooke (2013)
- Into the Still Blue (2014)

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