Thursday, May 08, 2014

EVE #1: Essence (2014)


Jocelyn lived a normal life until Jackson moved into the empty house across from hers. upon meeting him for the first time, she felt sick and dizzy. she was forced to retreat back into her house for a glass of water while the feeling slowly left her. when he tried to introduce himself to her again on the second day, she blacked out the moment their hand touched. having feelings for each other doesn't make it any more easier for Jocelyn. as she continued to experience it more frequently by having Jackson around, she started seeing visions of herself in another life.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. i wasn't a huge fan of historical genre novels. having the scenes switched repeatedly between the 90's and the present made the book a slow read as there were little connection to both the stories other than having its main character named Jocelyn. it was somewhat frustrating since obviously both Jocelyn were the same person, just living a different life, but it took her so much longer to move on from there. the story had a difficult time progressing further from her repetitive blackouts and explanations. fortunately after all those painful repetitions, the truth about EVE finally came out, making the wait so much more worthwhile. despite the flaws, it was the the intriguing plot that kept me turning the pages, nor does curiosity allowed me to give up on it without the mystery being solved. now that the story finally moved forward, i found myself eager to know how the second installment would turn out to be.

author: A.L. Waddington
published: 2013
genre: Historical/Paranormal

The EVE series:
- Essence (2014)
- Enlightened (2014)

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