Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gateway to Faerie #1: Gateway to Faerie (2013)

Gateway to Faerie

200 years ago, a dimensional gate between the human and faerie world was open, causing a faerie invasion that destroyed the human world. some faeries earned for powers, intending to take over the human world. 200 years after the war, Fayth lived a secluded life with her father. one day, dark shadowy creatures name Skries killed her father in search of her. rescued by Rowan, also a faerie, Fayth learnt that she was the descendant of a powerful faerie, where they key to closing the gateway was in her blood. Fayth must find the Bell Stone in time to keep the human world from being destroyed again.

i received a free e-book in exchanged for a review. the book was an extremely fast read. despite the post-apocalypse backdrop, i was pleased to find the story wasn't as complicated. the excitement started right from the very first few pages and had me felt engaged throughout the book. the precise and straightforward plot came as a surprise to me, but all because of its simplicity, i was able to sit back and joined Fayth, Rowan, and Dillon on their long and dangerous journey. i was absolutely delighted with the amount of creatures the book introduced, i was constantly googling for a picture or two just to know what the trio were up against, making the read even more fun than it already was. seeing how the story played out, i was very intrigued with how the second installment would turn out to be.

author: M.D. Bowden
published: 2013
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Gateway to Faerie series:
- Gateway to Faerie (2013)
- Bell Stone (2013)

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