Monday, June 16, 2014

Laika in Lisan (2014)

Laika in Lisan

Laika was a historian and tutor from Trea. she had always been fascinated by Lisan, their neighboring country that isolated itself from the world. in Lisan, the citizens worshiped their leader, Lord Hamin, calling him their Father. for years, Laika learned about Lisan's culture, the language, knowing everything found available about this mysterious country. one day, Laika was invited to become a scholar in Lisan. she grabbed the chance excitedly, leaving behind her underachieved life in Trea. but few days after she set foot in Lisan, she was terrified to find her team slaughtered in their sleep, leaving her struggling to survive the unfamiliar land, until she met Rodya, a man who lived in the mountains.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. even though it was a detailed read especially political wise, i was pleased to find it remained simple and straightforward. the time spared for romance was a welcome relief every now and then. i surprised myself by finishing the book without even skipping lines. it was unfortunate that the book spent more time on Laika's explorations than the exciting confrontation and climax, which very much made the story felt that it ended abruptly. at that point, i was still expecting Laika to have more interactions with Lord Hamin, or even his son Aland. as much as the story tried to create a pitiful backdrop by having us pictured the poor conditions the people in Lisan was living in, i was more interested in getting to know Laika, Rodya, and Aland, digging for character development to help us feel what they were feeling.

author: Maron Anrow
published: 2014
genre: Romance

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