Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Foundation Novel #1: Pieces of Me (2013)

Pieces of Me

Peyton was an overweight girl who was constantly bullied and embarrassed by even her sister, causing her to be very conscious of herself. her love for music brought her together with her best friend, and soon they were forming a band together. their success brought many attention to her, some good and others bad. it made her proud of their achievements yet often insecure as well. from her performance with the other bands, she got to know Colton, a stunning young man who believed in her, boosting her confidence in ways that made it possible for her to perform on stage like he did. at the same time, she got to know Jace, a handsome guy she had a huge crush from school, whom she found out had an evil twin out to get her.

i read the book free from Wattpad and was pleased to find it entertaining and not long-winded like most romance turned out to be. it had been a while since i finished a romance without feeling frustrated with its overly detailed and way too often make-out sessions. fortunately, most part of the book was spent following Peyton's struggles in life, getting over her insecurity as well as gaining self-confidence. with mass amount of possible candidates that lined up to be her boyfriend, it got a little overwhelming and unbelieving at times, but fortunately it didn't went too much overboard to have me dislike her character, especially after all the dramas, i finally found myself rooting for her, satisfied with her growth.

author: Kira Adams
published: 2013
genre: Romance

A Foundation Novel series:
- Pieces of Me (2013)
- The Fighter (2014)

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