Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Foundation Novel #2: The Fighter (2014)

The Fighter

the story continued after Jace got together with Peyton. but instead of following the story on Peyton's point of view, it now followed Jace's point of view. during his parents' divorce, Jace had choose to follow his fragile looking mother, while Jax left with their father. after the death of his mother and Jax, his father had been reliving the pain of losing his favorite child by seeing Jace everyday. he turned to alcohol, drowning himself in it until he released everything on Jace. to further complicate matters, his father brought home a new woman Samina, along with her daughter Gia.

i read the story free on Wattpad. it was refreshing reading more about Jace, knowing about his painful struggles at home especially for being so perfect on the outside and also being a perfect boyfriend to Peyton. initially he had me sympathizing over his situation, even feeling proud of him for being so tough, withholding the abuse to protect his father in some ways. but the moment he laid eyes on Gia, i smelled trouble. it was obvious Jace was no match for her, especially after he jumped from one girl to another before landed on Peyton's lap in the first book. unfortunately, this second installment wasn't completed when i was reading and i never did find out what happened later. seeing where the story went, i feel that i am no longer interested in how the story end. if i were Peyton, i would have left him to rot the moment he asked for a time-out.

author: Kira Adams
published: 2014
genre: Romance

A Foundation Novel series:
- Pieces of Me (2013)
- The Fighter (2014)

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