Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shade (2014)


Shade was ashamed of her full name, Galactic Shade Griffin, which always caused her to be laughed by her new classmates. following her mother who broke with another boyfriend, they moved to a new town, into an old Victorian house. she had the entire attic bedroom to herself and later discovered that it was haunted by a ghost named Brandon. in school, she became best friends with a goth girl named Annie. when Annie went missing after Halloween, Shade was broken hearted and determined to find Annie. since she was involved in the school forum and newspaper, she set out to discover the truth behind the missing girls from school together with Kailee and George.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. when the book first started introducing Brandon, i assumed it would be a paranormal romance novel. to my surprise, the seemingly ordinary school life soon transformed into a mystery of missing girls. the transformation along with Shade's messy relationship with her unstable mother, her awkward and lacked confidence self, were overwhelming at times. but with so many feelings, especially the cutting revealed, it was easy getting in her shoes, feeling what she was feeling while quite easily, rooted for her as well. it surprised me that such a serious and complicated mystery could proven to be such an easy read after being combined with the paranormal genre. the book was an absolute fast read, which i managed to finish in two sittings. the increased intensity near the last quarter of the book was truly quite a treat!

author: Marilyn Peake
published: 2014
genre: Mystery/Paranormal

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