Friday, June 20, 2014

The End of You and Me (2014)

The End of You and Me

Kate had been best friends with London since they were children. their house was opposite each other, where Kate lived with her parents and London lived with his mother who was rarely home. their friendship was so tight that it was like they were a couple, yet they never did cross the boundaries of friends. to her dismay, Kate's father disapproved their friendship; where else her mother loved London. one day, a new student joined her class. Anastasia was a beautiful girl who often got what she wanted, except her parents' love and attention. she put herself between Kate and London, stirring things up when it seemed like she was helping.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. the story was a very fast read, which i managed to finish in one sitting. it was engaging and very relaxing until the twist came. initially i assumed the twist would be Kate finally realized that she held special feelings for Anastasia. while i was waiting for that to happen, i never did saw the actual one coming, which turned out to be far more crazier and had me dislike Anastasia that very instant. she disappointed me, forming a typical bully characteristic. she started out being so stunning, a complete opposite of Kate, who seemed so much more duller in comparison. it was extremely heart breaking to see how things turned out wrong in the end, suddenly making the title an obvious hint. despite not being a huge fan of sad ending, I was pleased with how unexpected the story often went, making it a very entertaining read.

author: Wendi M. Lee
published: 2014
genre: Romance

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