Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Cracked Chronicles #1: Win the Rings (2014)

Win the Rings

Jace was brought to the Cracked since she was five. like all the children held captive in Cracked, she was a shifter, trained to serve their country when the time came. she had become one of the strongest fighter and with her outstanding performance, she was awarded a Captain title and given a mission to capture a runner outside Cracked's wall. Gray was also a shifter, who shared a telepathic bond with his sister, Nia. right before he was tested and captured, Nia rescued Gray and they had since then been on the run for sixteen years. what started out to be a straightforward pursuit turned complicated when they realized a third party also had the intention to get their hands on him.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for reviews. despite the seemingly uninteresting military backdrop, i found myself getting extremely absorbed into Jace's character. she was a tough character that after all the harsh training still held plenty of self preservation and pieces of her mind. she worked hard to earn her title and freedom, no matter how unlikely it seemed. it was completely impossible to not root for her, especially after she revealed a side of her that defended justice. Gray on the other hand, was barely a weakling but managed to squeeze so much sympathies from me. his gentleness often landed him in a mess yet his need to do good was highly acceptable, also the very reason that made him so lovable. his skill to survive was quite impressive and often so mesmerizing that it was easy to get lost in his world. having Jace and Gray finally met brought such excitement that i was thrown out of my mind being left with such a huge cliffhanger. i definitely can't wait to find out more about their interaction in the next installment.

author: K.D. Van Brunt
published: 2014
genre: Fantasy

The Cracked Chronicles series:
- Win the Rings (2014)

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