Monday, June 23, 2014

The Dwellers #1: The Moon Dwellers (2012)

The Moon Dwellers

the story took place in a ruined world, where people were divided into the Tri-Realms - the Sun Realm, the Moon Realm, and the Star Realm. Tristan was from the Sun Realm, also the son of the President. but he was nothing like his father, he wanted people from the Moon and Star Realms to be treated better, he wanted a change political-wise. Adele had been held captive in the Moon Realms ever since her parents were captured for treason, her sister Elsey was sent to the orphanage. with the help of some new friends she made in the prison, Adele escaped, on a mission to rescue her family. Tristan on the other hand, sneaked out of the Sun Realm into the Moon Realm.

despite all the uninteresting political details, i was very much drawn to Adele's escape. it was so engaging that i often found myself fearing for her. her connection with Tristan was the most mysterious of all, especially after reading the note Adele's mother left behind. the pain seemed to be a significant clue to their coming success. there were times i was frustrated with Cole's humor, perhaps disgusted because there were more than once uncovered to be lies. he was the only character that failed to have me root for him until his very death. with all the havoc, i was disappointed that Adele and Tristan had so little time together. but on the bright side, that short amount of time was like fireworks, overwhelming my every senses, bringing me to the verge of tears reading their goodbyes. i can see myself reading the second installment of the series, led by my curiosity on how their relationship would turned out to be.

author: David Estes
published: 2012
genre: Dystopia/Science Fiction

The Dwellers series:
- The Moon Dwellers (2012)
- The Star Dwellers (2012)
- The Sun Dwellers (2012)
- The Earth Dwellers (2013)

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