Friday, August 22, 2014

The Watchers #3: Blood Fever (2012)

Blood Fever

after an intense German training, vampire Alcantara sent Annelise on her first mission, to rescue vampire Carden. but instead of following the instruction of informing vampire Alcantara at a particular timing, she rescued vampire Carden on her own when things got dangerous for the both of them. since then, the duo created a bond, forbidden especially by vampire Alcantara, who fancied Annelise and hoping to bond with her.

third book into the series focus on Annelise relationship with vampire Carden, a bond created through exchanged of blood, which Annelise accidentally initiated. since then, they had been unable to distant themselves from one another. it was the Blood Fever influencing them. when vampire Alcantara suspected their relationship, he created many obstacles for the duo, especially locking and framing vampire Carden for the murders around campus. to clear his name, Annelise had to find the said rogue vampire at lurk. but it was not the only danger surrounding Annelise since vampire Alcantara had given the green light to Masha and the guidons to go after Annelise.

author: Veronica Wolff
published: 2012
genre: Fantasy/Supernatural

The Watchers series:
- Isle of Night (2011)
- Vampire's Kiss (2012)
- Blood Fever (2012)
- The Keep (2013)
- Dark Craving (2013)

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