Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Watchers #4: The Keep (2013)

The Keep

succeeded in proceeding into a new semester, Annelise found herself left with no friends. with her best friend Emma’s death somewhat connected to her, Yasuo, Emma’s boyfriend and also Annelise’s friend, was determined to seek revenge from her. during his transition from being a trainee to a vampire, emotional stress will forced him to transform into a mindless Draug instead. trying all she might to handle these situations, the only person Annelise could confined in was vampire Carden, their bond stronger than ever. during unexpected moment, she was surprised to also find a friend in Ronan, her supposedly strict swimming instructor.

forth book into the series, the story returned being quite captivating compared to the previous two installments. Annelise caught hold of a rumor where girls were taken to The Keep. trainees, also boys who were in transition, were often gathered in The Keep, where they celebrate their transition and to Annelise’s horror, drank from girls’ heart. after hearing the rumor, Annelise had to check The Keep looking for Emma, which made it a dangerous adventure, especially since The Keep was where the Old Vampires gathered. i had assumed that this would be the last installment of the series, but with the cliffhanger that I was left with, it was also pleasant to find more possible growth in Annelise.

author: Veronica Wolff
published: 2013
genre: Fantasy/Supernatural

The Watchers series:
- Isle of Night (2011)
- Vampire's Kiss (2012)
- Blood Fever (2012)
- The Keep (2013)
- Dark Craving (2013)

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