Sunday, September 21, 2014

Divine Fall (2014)

Divine Fall

Jaime’s only happiness and peace was riding her horse, Beau. one day, a new handsome stable helping hand appeared and there was a mysterious aura about him. the more Jaime met Dothan, the more she tried to figure him out. Dothan was a Nephilim, half angel and half human. he came to the small town for one purpose, to seek revenge for his father’s death. but before he can take down the full-blooded angel that killed his father, he needed a missing piece to enhance his powers. when he discovered Jaime had the access to the missing piece he needed, he began interacting with her. but the more they got together, they more they fell dangerously in love with each other.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review. the book for me, started out with too much information to digest. but as I traversed through the pages, it became an easier and easier read. the moment I saw where the story was heading, I flew through the pages and immediately slowed down just to enjoyed the battle where Dothan was to join hands with his supposedly enemy to save Jaime. the twist was surprisingly satisfying. not being a huge fan of romance, I picked out the book for its supernatural part of the story, I was pleased to be not disappointed. I was even more glad that I didn’t once felt repelled towards the romantic sections throughout the book. although I had a difficult time rooting for Jaime even after the book ended; Dothan on the other hand, was a character so charismatic that made him impossible to resist.

author: Kathryn Knight
published: 2014
genre: Romance

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