Monday, September 22, 2014

Wolfling #1: Alpha Girl (2013)

Alpha Girl

Rose lived in a small town called Halfway. she was attacked when she was a child and since then animals had been afraid of her. she was bullied in school, often called a wet dog because of the way she smelled. during every full moon, her parents would chained her up in their basement, just so she wouldn’t run wild hurting people during the transformation. one day, a new teacher joined her school. Mr. Stone was a very charismatic teacher but twice Rose’s age, they felt an unexplained pull towards each other. an unlikely friendship formed, with Mr. Stone unable to reject Rose’s requests.

the book was an absolutely fast read. it was easy to get into Rose’s character, rooting for her. her desperation towards Stone was sometimes frustrating to read but not enough to draw my interest away from how the duo would turn out to be. it seemed unlikely that any parents would allow their daughter to run after an older guy so easily, but for the sake of the storyline, it was satisfying that the story didn’t circled too much on the aspect that could possibly dampened the flow. with the second book in sight and a straightforward plot lineup ahead, it was definitely intriguing to proceed forward, having me eager to know what will happen when more than two werewolves got into the picture.

author: Kate Bloomfield
published: 2013
genre: Supernatural

Wolfling series:
- Alpha Girl (2013)
- Lone Girl (2014)
- Wild Girl (2015)

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