Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Disappearance of Lars Wellingsworth (2014)

The Disappearance of Lars Wellingsworth

Lars was a boy who lived in the mansion with a locked iron gate. Plato and his friends were always playing outside, while Lars watched them from inside the mansion with such admiration. one day, they noticed that Lars were not at the window, watching them. then received the news that the boy was kidnapped. Plato and his friends decided to investigate the crime, by luck they stumbled upon clues and figured out where Lars was.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the book was very simple and straightforward. It reminded me a lot of the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew that I used to be so addicted with, but perhaps with a little less mysteriousness in it. with quite a few characters in Plato’s gang, I started out wanting to know everything about each of them. but traversing through the pages, I soon lose interest in them and referred to them as one person, which were practically no difference. probably considered a children mystery novel, the book was interesting enough to held my attention until the very end. though I wasn’t particularly impressed for there were so many areas where the story could expand itself, it was fortunately fairly entertaining for a short read.

author: Susan Srikant
published: 2014
genre: Mystery

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