Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Half Life of Molly Pierce (2014)

The Half Life of Molly Pierce

Molly had dissociative order, where she created an alter ego of herself, named Mabel. since childhood, Mabel had been within Molly but never given the power to take over her life. one day, Molly had had enough and was aiming to commit suicide at an abandoned warehouse. at that very moment, Mabel found herself controlling Molly’s body, stopping Molly from stuffing her face with a handful of pills. for a year, Mabel repeatedly came out, stealing time from Molly’s life, with Molly feeling utterly confused when she found herself minutes, even hours later, at a completely different place than she last remembered.

the book honestly didn’t have much story to tell. it was obvious where the flow was heading, yet it still managed to be so mysterious and eerie that made it impossible to put down. I would never in my right mind wanted myself to be in Molly’s shoes, yet having the experience of submerging into her character gave me such adrenaline and thrill. when she slowly found out about the truth, I shared her excitement at discovery. unexpectedly, I even felt her sense of lost. at some point, I had labeled Mabel the villain of the story, but the moment she prepared for her departure, the sadness overwhelmed me that I longed for a different ending instead. the book was absolutely brilliantly written, I was so absorbed that i felt a sense of lost when it came to an end.

author: Katrina Leno
published: 2014
genre: Drama

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