Sunday, October 19, 2014

Troubled Times #2: Power's Out (2013)

Power's Out

after leaving the house her father left for her, Nairne went on a journey with Paul, in search for a safe haven. they moved constantly, sometimes meeting people, sometimes sleeping in the woods. one day, they came across a community led by Arthur. when Nairne offered to fix their turbine, she was offered a place within the community, which Paul was troubled over since everyone had to earn their place there and he had nothing to offer. while the duo struggled in their own ways to fit in, they were terrified to find out that Stevie didn’t die from the confrontation against his boss. now he is coming after the duo with an intent to kill.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the second book was far more interesting compared to the first installment. although the pace was equally slow, i flew through the pages and enjoying every moment of it. I was surprised to have fallen for some seemingly common supporting characters. Nairne’s growth was also visible, her ability to kill made her even more relatable and lovable, especially when compared to being all heroic like most book would choose to be. having compassion towards the enemy was so predictable, so when Nairne actually killed, I found myself rooting for a hundred percent since it was all about survival after all. The perfect ending had me looking forward to the next installment very much, wondering about the direction the next book would choose to take.

author: Rachel Meehan
published: 2013
genre: Science Fiction

Troubled Times series:
- Water's Edge (2012)
- Power's Out (2013)
- Earth’s Descent (TBA)

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