Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Insanity (2014)


Forest was a foster kid who worked at Lincoln Hospital, a mental institution. the hospital was a crossway, where paranormal activities took place on a daily basis. but to earn some money for college, Forest had to forced herself through the routine just to be closer to her dreams. one night, in the underground tunnel, an agent of the Devil appeared to banish the wandering spirits. Levi had been on the job forever, under the guidance of his grandmother Imogene. the duo met for the first time and formed an unlikely bond of light and darkness.

the book was a fast and absolutely captivating read. it was impossible to put down the moment I started it. Forest and Levi were characters so beautiful that that I found myself rooted for them the very first minute I got to know them a little more. there were some slight struggles during the transition between reading from one character’s perspective than another. but when the story piece together just as perfectly, it bore no bad effect towards the book. it was surprising to see that even a story as haunting and paranormal as this was able to come off perfect for a romance. the book was an entertaining as well as satisfying experience.

author: Susan Vaught
published: 2014
genre: Fantasy

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