Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Cahill Witch Chronicles #3: Sisters' Fate (2014)

Sisters' Fate

with Finn’s memories of Cath erased, Cath was determined to protect more of those whom she cared for. after rescuing girls, witches and non-witches from the asylum, the Brotherhood captured some escaped patients as well. when a public execution was in place, Cath and a few witches got together to create an illusion fire, causing the people and the Brothers to run, while Cath and her friends helped the patients escape. despite some unavoidable deaths, it was a success. with advices from her sister and friends, Cath decided to tell Finn the truth, about the day his memories was erased.

third and last book into the series, the book was rewardingly entertaining. I enjoyed many moments between Cath and Finn, especially her raw angers that made her a human and very much relatable, especially if compared to an average and perfect main character. her struggles made me appreciate her effort and hard work, how she threw herself out there, giving all she had just to help one single person. I had mixed emotions towards Tess, a supposedly perfect character. her reluctance to tell Cath her visions, as well as her urge to still protect Maura. Maura on the other hand I found difficult to hate. as the pages progressed, she transformed from a distasteful character into a pitiful character. I enjoyed the twist of the prophecy the most, the killing that supposedly took place on a certain character took a huge turn and the spotlight was shifted to an unexpected candidate instead. It was most satisfying to find the perfect end to their relationship, which turned out to be so much more rewarding than I imagined.

author: Jessica Spotswood
published: 2014
genre: Supernatural

The Cahill Witch Chronicles:
- Born Wicked (2012)
- Star Cursed (2013)
- Sisters' Fate (2014)

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